Photographic resume of my acting career!


October 2006 (David in Mornings at Seven)


Well, it's close to what I look like. The facial hair alters with mood and acting roles.


Just so you know, Mickey Ray was my chosen name for theatre back in 1968. My birth name is Michael Pfleger. (Unless you're German, I doubt you can pronounce that correctly, so you now know why I changed it back then.


Sorry to say, but the hair on the scalp gets a little thinner with every passing year.  I think my hair loss has reached its acme! My hair also began to go white in my early thirties, so I began to be a "Just for Men" guy early on!


Woodburn Court I

21-23 Exchange St.

Apt. 4 G

Binghamton, NY 13901





Perth Children's Theater

Perth, West Australia

Limelight Dinner Theater

Kansas City, Missouri

Off Broadway Dinner Theater

Kansas City, Missouri

Waldo Astoria Theater

Kansas City, Missouri

Resident Theater - Jewish Community Center

Kansas City, Missouri

New Directions Theatre

Kansas City, Missouri

Barn Players

Shawnee Mission, Kansas

Northland Civic Theater

North Kansas City, Missouri

Anderson Schoolhouse Dinner Theater

Anderson, Iowa

Firehouse Dinner Theatre

Omaha, Nebraska

Barn Dinner Theatre

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Colonia Theatre

Norwich, New York

Darkhorse Dramatist Binghamton, New York

Cider Mill Playhouse

The Forum Theatre

Binghamton, New York

Binghamton, New York

SRO Productions

Binghamton, New York

Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier

Binghamton, New York

Know Theatre Binghamton, New York

Theatricks by Starlight Theatre

Deposit, New York

Ti-Ahwaga Players Owego, New York
Little Victorys Players Hancock, New York
Endicott Performing Arts Center Endicott, New York
DT Productions Endicott, New York





Character Actor

Quick line study

Regional & Foreign Accents

Team Player

Portrait and graphic artist




Wearing the Playwright's Hat


"Unfaithful Descent"

Originally titled "Imagine This"


Seven characters - 3 males, 4 females One of the actresses, Naomi, should not be mentioned in the program, but announced, at the bows, after her surprise entrance at the end of the play


Five actors gather on the stage of their local community theater to read a new one act play called, "Sessions and Secrets”, written by one of their members, Naomi.


Although the new play takes place at a Catholic school, some actors begin to notice the resemblance of themselves in the various characters of Naomi's play. The resemblance leans towards their darker side and even darker secrets and, perhaps, somebody among them doesn't want their secret to be told.








SUE: (She pours a Styrofoam cup full of coffee, adding sugars and creamer)
Oh my God! Will you look at these! Naomi, you are a wonder! I swear she could put Martha Stewart to shame!
BIG: Yes, well where is our budding little playwright?
TERRY: (Reading his script) Probably taking another pee, she’s so nervous!
JAN: She should be! Are you reading what I’m reading?
SUE: (Returning to her seat, a paper plate heaped with confections) Why? Is it simply awful? What’s bad?
JAN: Please. At this point, bad would be good!
TERRY: I don’t know. I kind of like it!
RICH: You would! Your character, Father Keough, is so damn …Gay!
JAN: Well, what can you expect? The poor dear, after three submissions to our play reading committee, and having every one of them rejected, she must have taken our advice. ...“Write about what you know!”
BIG: (Straight forward, without emphasis) Naomi is not gay.
JAN: Well, I didn’t say she was. But she’s certainly watched our dear little Terrance here, hasn’t she?
TERRY: (Lifts his eyebrows and gives her a look. Jan bats her eyes and smiles back.)
RICH: Well, at least the handsome, Hispanic gardener is straight.
SUE: Hispanic? How cliché! Seems like everything you see in the movies and on TV lately is…gay! (She pops in a piece of cake)
TERRY: (Defensive) And your point being…?
SUE: (Mouth full and apologetic) Well, nothing…it’s just that, well…
BIG: In any case, there’s nothing in here for me.
JAN: What about Father Bailey? It looks like he’s got some great dialogue at the end of scene one.
BIG: He’s not English.
VEL: (Entering) Then drop the phony English accent, John, and try using your own voice …for a change! (Velma is a tall, commanding personality who easily takes over a room by her very presence)
BIG: (Looking insulted, he gets up and goes to coffee table)
TERRY: (Rises) Velma! (Runs up to hug her)
VEL: (Stopping him) Ah-ah! Not today, dear. I think I’m coming down with something and I don’t want to give it to you!
RICH: Great, so you brought it with you to share with all of us!
VEL: (Taking off her coat) Just avoiding close contact, my dear. Nothing you need to worry about.
RICH: Ouch! Score one for Velma.
VEL: Don’t count, Richard, you’ll get a headache. (Looking around) Well, where’s our precious Naomi? (Looks at the coffee table) I could smell her baked goodies from the lobby.


"Condescending Order"

The play takes place in the basement of Edna and Gerald Dingle. They are a painfully, long time married couple of retirement age. Gerald, a self-described inventor, has been 'moved' to the basement which has been converted into his personal and hobby room. His wife still continues to nag him and he has invented a new Rube Goldberg type of machine with murder on his mind.



"The Next Time"

One act play - monologue - 1 Male 65 or older - 7 - 10 minutes.


A bitter old man is angry and tired of his surroundings, his neighbors and their pets and has decided to do something permanent about it.




When the act opens, Leonard is sitting in his rocker reading his paper and listening to a PBS radio music station playing, Mussorgsky's "Night on Bald Mountain", when we hear the yelping of a small dog outside the window.


LEONARD: (Angrily tossing down the newspaper and turning off the radio,  he rises and crosses to the window.) Damn little nuisances…stupid mutts!!  (He opens the window.) Hey! Shut that damned dog up out there. I can’t hear m’self think with all that damned yapping!


A VOICE: (There is real fear in the voice.) Sorry Mr. Virgil! My grandson let him off his leash and he got out…


LEONARD: I don’t give a damned about yer dog or your bratty grandson! Keep ‘em off my yard and away from my house…or the next time…the next time…I’ll…I’ll…well, just keep ‘em out of my way!


A VOICE: Yes, Mr. Virgil. It won’t happen again. I promise!


LEONARD: (He sticks his hand out and makes a gesture. Closing the window, he mutters to himself.) Damned right it won’t happen again! (Leonard talks to himself a great deal, as well as to the photograph of his deceased wife, which sits on the end table.) I’ve already got rid of three damned dogs in this neighborhood!



You are welcome to order any of these scripts in Word document form, or as a PDF file, to use in a not-for-profit production and no fee will be charged.


Along with your request for these scripts, you must send the name of the company producing the play, where it's playing and the dates of the production.


The person requesting the scripts must send their home address, email address, and a phone contact to be verified before receiving them.


"Auto Motive"

One act play - monologue -1 Female (Felicia, the computer),  1 Male 40 - 65 (Lyman Cooke, the car owner), 1 Male 25 - 45 (Anthony Michaels - Policeman)  - 7 - 10 minutes.


An automobile's computer is upset with the owner's neglect of his car and decides it's time to end it all...permanently!




There is a great deal of pantomiming in this play, since the actors have nothing but a few props and chairs. (Two actors in black could also be used as ‘the car”. There should also be many sound effects available where needed, ‘the car’ actors could provide much of those effects.

Time: 7:00 AM. This play takes place in the future. (No specific date.)

Felicia enters stage and sits in the chair preset on stage right. Mr. Cooke enters and walks to over to his preset chair, center stage, clicking his car key mechanism to open the door. He pantomimes opening the door but it doesn’t open. He clicks the mechanism again with the same results.


Lyman: Damn it! (He turns away from the door, looking at his car keys, and the door suddenly opens, hitting him in the ass. He reacts accordingly.) Ow! What the…? (Aggravated, he gets into the car, puts the key into the ignition, starts the car, puts his seat belt on and shuts the door. We hear the doors lock. He too hears them and is a bit stunned.)

Felicia: Good morning, Mr. Cooke.

Lyman: Good morning, Felicia. What’s with the doors locking?

Felicia: Just a safety precaution, sir.

Lyman: Really? That’s a first. I don’t recall the car doing that before, unless I press the ‘lock doors’ button over here on the door rest.

Felicia: What is your route today, sir?

Lyman: Oh…uh, 3212 Melrose.

Felicia: Fine, sir. I’ll display the map.

Lyman: Not necessary, I know the way.

Felicia: Fine, sir. I’ll display the map.

Lyman: (Sighs) Fine! Turn the radio on to station 102.5 classic music.

(Rock music suddenly blares on.)

Lyman: Hey, hey hey! What are you doing? I said CLASSIC music, not that crap!

Felicia: Sorry, sir, I must have misunderstood you. (The music cuts off and nothing else comes on.) Sorry, but there seems to be some sort of radio signal interference.

Lyman: To hell with it. There’s the local elementary school so I’ve only got a few more blocks to go anyway and… (Suddenly the car jerks, the motor revs up and starts picking up speed.)


First performed at the Cider Mill Playhouse in Binghamton, NY, July 15th & 16th, directed by Missy Harris.



(Many shows and roles were repeated through the years with various companies.)

* = repeated roles






"Curious Savage" Senator Titus SavageSAVAGE
"Bald Soprano" The Fire Chief
"Kind Sir" The Delivery Boy (written into script)
"High Spirits" (Musical version of "Blithe Spirit") Hippy

"Boys in the Band"



Christopher Wren

"Towards Zero"

Mathew Treves

"The Good Doctor" Multiple Roles (see below)


Mordred & King Pellinore


The Emcee

"How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" Twimble

**"Guys and Dolls"

**Nicely-Nicely Johnson

"Stop the World, I Want to Get Off"


"The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd"


**"Jesus Christ Superstar"

Judas and Herod



"See How They Run"

Revrand Arthur Humphrey

"Fiddler on the Roof"


"Teahouse of the August Moon"


"The Good Doctor" Multiple Roles (see below)

"110 in the Shade"

H. C. Curray

"Spoon River Anthology Multiple Roles (see below)

"The Rainmaker"

Sheriff Thomas

"Two by Two"


"What the Butler Saw" Bellboy

"The Fantasticks"

Henry Alberson (The Actor)

"The Fantasticks"

Mr. Hucklebee (Matt's Father)


John Dickinson

***"My Fair Lady"

**Doolittle & Pickering

"Anything Goes"

Sir Evelyn Oakley

"Little Me" Multiple Roles

"Our Town"

Simon Stimson

**"Bent" Nazi Captain and Uncle Freddie

"Buried Child"




"Glass" Multiple Roles (see below)

"Pajama Game"

Myron J. Hasler

"Any Wednesday"

Cass henderson

"The Busybody"

Lt. Harry Baxter

"A Touch of Spring"

Vitoria Spina

"Red Dawg"

Sneaky Fitch

"Cactus Flower"

Senor Arturo Sanchez

"Wife Begins at Forty"

Roger Dixon
"Fool for Love" Old Man

"45 Seconds from Broadway"

Mickey FoxY
"You Can't Take It With You" Grandpa Vanderhof / Boris Kolenkhov
"Company" Larry

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"

Doc Baugh

"Not Now, Darling"

Harry McMichael

"Last Night of Ballyhoo"

Adolph Frietag

"The Dining Room" Multiple Roles (see below)


Dr. Seward

"Enter Laughing"


"Sweeney Todd"

Judge Turpin

"Someone Who'll Watch Over Me"

Edward Sheridan


Multiple Roles (see below)


Emperor Joseph II

"Middle of Nowhere" Mr. C
"Hancock Stories" Boney Quillen
"Mornings at Seven" David Crampton
"The Snowman in My Window" Santa Claus
"Interstate" Radio Announcer
"Macabre Cadabra" Lous Cypher
"Where the Holidays Go: The Musical" Santa Claus
"Samuel Beckett Drives Andre the Giant to School Samuel Beckett
"Shakespear Lives" Cashio
"The Next Time" Leonard




Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier


 The Lise J. Fiato Fundamental Follies Musical Productions

Mindin' the Music

A Stitch in Time

Alice in Blunderland

The Ep-prentice

Revenge of the Orb: Bi-Powerman Begins

Showdown at the Bouncin' Badge Saloon


Productions with multiple characters


Cherdyakov, "The Sneeze" ; Kuryatin, "Surgery";

The Sailor, "The Drowned Man"; Kistonov, "A Defenseless Creature"

Resident Theatre - Jewish Community Center Kansas City, MO

1975 - Directed by George Luce



Professor Lodovicho, The Doge, Dr. Brain on Fire, Survivor

Roberson Museum - Binghamton, NY

Directed by Ernie Schenk



Act I

Scene 1; Client, Scene 2; Father, Scene 6; Psychiatrist, Scene 7; Little Boy, Scene 8; Grandfather, Scene 10; Stuart,

Act II

Scene 4; Jim, Scene 6 ; Harvey

Ti-Ahwaga Theatre - Owego, NY

Directed by Linda Fenescey



Noble Eggleston, Mr. Pinchley, Bernie Buchsman, Val Du Val, Lucky, Fred, Prince Cherney

Anderson Schoolhouse Dinner Theatre - Anderson, IA

Directed by George Luce



Tom Beatty, Reuben Pantier, Fiddler Jones, Eugene Carman, Franklin Jones, Silas Dement and Barney Hainsfeather

Little Victory Players - Hancock, NY

Directed by Ernie Schenk



Ragueneau, Mont Fleury, Capuchin Monk, Guard

Little Victory Players - Hancock, NY

Directed by Ernie Schenk



Paul Revere, Charles Bashwet McKinley, Jimmy Reilly

Little Victory Players - Hancock, NY

Directed by Judith Present

Jimmy Reilly is a double amputee Vet who finds himself having to beg on the streets in order to survive.

I've been performing this monologue for several years and in various locales, primarily to raise money for our Veterans.


"Jesus Christ Superstar"  Judas '75 - King Herod 2009

"Godspell"  Jesus

"To the Castle"  Town Crier, 1st Knight

"Eyes Upon the Cross"  Peter, Centurion

"A Matter of Death...and Life  Person #1

"The Case of the Missing Teacher"  Inspector Casey Solved

"The Complete History of the Old Testament in Twenty Minutes"

Noah, Moses and assorted unnamed biblical characters



(Everybody gets a shot at it!)

"South Pacific", "Sound of Music", "Side by Side by Sondheim"


Wearing the Director's Hat

As time went by, I often wound up directing shows that I'd also appeared in.

I have only had to direct myself in emergencies when a cast member was no longer a part of the show for whatever reasons. I have not purposely directed myself in any lead role, nor do I envy anyone who takes on that task.

Productions I've Directed


"My Fair Lady"

"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"

"Fiddler on the Roof"

"The Busybody"

"Blithe Spirit"

2001 Theatricks by Starlight

2008 Ti-Ahwaga Players

"Little Me"

"Mindin' the Music"

"Daddy's Dyin', Who's Got the Will?"


"American Buffalo" 

"Don Wannabe"


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Still singing away, you can catch my renditions of "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", and "The Shadow of Your Smile", right here!



Appearing at MAD MOOSE in Binghamton, NY




Singing "What a Wonderful World"




Singing "The Shadow of Your Smile"



Singing "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do"





Singing "Unforgettable"





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