The years from 1989 to 1994 were socially and theatrically inactive for the most part. I had lost Drew, my long time companion of 21 years, to AIDS in '89 and our home was destroyed in a flood eight months later in May of '90. I came home to New York, more specifically to my mother's home in Oxford, NY. I relate more details of this period within my personal bio at if you'd care to know more, but suffice it to say, there was no business like show business for me, for a while anyway.

I started to get involved with theater again by volunteering with the Mental Health Association's Mental Health Players, an improvisational group, as well as with the Roberson Museum and their production of The Nutcracker in 1993. (I stage managed their ballet production that year and played Drosselmeyer the following year.)

In 1995, the BC Pops, led by David Agard, held auditions for the musical My Fair Lady. I won the role of Colonel Pickering. The shows were large-scale, full orchestral musicals that were performed at the Forum Theater in Binghamton, NY. In the two succeeding years, I was in Camelot and Sound of Music. I played two characters in the chorus of Sound of Music and King Pelinore in Camelot and photos can be found on the  70s  page along with the first time I'd performed the show as Mordred, 23 years earlier.



David Agard's BC Pops and The Forum Theatre production of

Colonel Pickering




This was an original play written by friend, Mark Danau, and directed by Ernie Schenk, with whom, along with his talented wife, Sherry Pagan, I'd be associated in other productions nearly 10 years later.

Roberson Museum - Binghamton, NY

Professor Lodovicho, Puppet#1, Dr. Brain on Fire, The Doge, Survivor 1 and 5





(I played Col. Pickering in the BC Pops production of "My Fair Lady", sadly I have no photos of that production!)




Forum Theatre - Binghamton, NY

King Pellinore

Our amazing dog "Trouble", who managed to plop down and sit almost everywhere on stage and of course, stole the scenes!

My sister Gina, and my brother-in-law, Mike, visit backstage!




SRO Theatre's

production of



In this wonderful Sondheim musical, I played Larry, and the role of my wife, Joanne, was played by the very talented and local, Binghamton, jazz singer, Judy Giblin, whose belting rendition of "Ladies Who Lunch" wowed the audience every night! Sorry to say, I have no photos of this production.




Variety Shows


Theatricks By Starlight


Through the improvisational group of the , a program at the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier, I met a wonderful women named Pat Donohue. Patricia is a local performer who has a wonderful history appearing on the operatic and dramatic stage. She called me to tell me about a gentleman and his wife who were doing a variety show in Deposit, and would I be interested in working up a skit or duet with her for the revue. We performed both a skit and a duet, and in the old-fashioned song we sang, I used an Irish accent.


Patricia Donohue

Patricia, "The Grand Dame", and I still do occasional stints together. She was recognized by the City of Binghamton with a star in Binghamton's "Walk of Fame", a place downtown dedicated to  local people from the Greater Binghamton area who have shown excellence in their area of performance.

Through a long time friend, and lady of the stage, Patricia Donohue, I met a gentleman, Bill Taylor, who annually performed musical revues in Deposit, NY, along with his wife and soul mate, Beverly. I sang an Irish number and he referred me to Rick Mertens who was directing a one act play for the local group in Deposit know as Theatricks by Starlight. They needed someone who could do an Irish accent.


Bill Taylor and his wife Beverly had been doing their revue, "Taylor 'n' Taylor" for some time. Bill, a very talented actor, singer, and musician enjoyed our duet and  was evidently impressed enough with my Irish accent to pass the word on to another, now long time friend and fellow actor, Rick Mertens. He was directing a one-act play called, Spreading the News which needed an actor who could do an Iris dialect. And that my friends, is now history.

Rick Mertens

Over the years, I performed in two musical/comedy revues produced by Bill & Beverly Taylor. Our wonderful Beverly was lost to us, and after a couple of seasons, I performed two more times when Bill brought back the revues with his son Barry and Barry's sons, Adam and Ryan.



Bill and Beverly Taylor




Theatricks By Starlight - Deposit, NY

Jack Smith - The Red-haired Man

This was my first appearance with the Theatricks By Starlight company. I appeared in nine other productions since then and directed three shows for them.




SRO Theatre's

production of

I'd come across an audition announcement and tried out for the musical, "Pajama Game", and played the role of Myron J. Hasler.


Once again, I'm sorry to say, like too many other shows, I have no photos of this production either.



My second appearance at Theatricks By Starlight - Deposit, NY

And that's the end of the 90s. Oh yes, there are loads more pictures and you're welcome to peruse at your leisure!


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