Waldo Astoria Dinner Theatre - Kansas City, MO

Sheriff File


Red Dawg

Waldo Astoria Dinner Playhouse

Kansas City, MO

I played the Reverend Blackwood

No photos





Barn Dinner Theater - Albuquerque, NM

A Touch of Spring

Giorgio and Vittorio Spina


I'd played Lt. Baxter co-starring with the very funny and talented Billie Bird!



Red Dawg

Sneaky Fitch

(In 1981, I played the Minister in the show at the Waldo Astoria Dinner Theatre in Kansas City, MO. I'd gotten my Equity membership back then.)




The Fantastiks

Theater Under the Stars - Kansas City, MO



Buried Child

New Directions Theater - Kansas City, MO




So many shows, and yet so few pictures! I hadn't realized how many productions I'd done and had no pictures around to show for them! Many were lost in the flood in KC, MO. Most of the photos I now have are copies I'd sent to my mom in New York.  Ah well, perhaps my fellow actors who performed in those shows will see this page and send my what pix they have! We can hope!

I'd performed in many other shows during the 80's, but have no pictures of them, or have yet to locate them.

Some of the plays I did were:

Any Wednesday

Cass Henderson


See How They Run

Reverend Arthur Humphrey


Stop the World, I Want to Get Off



Two By Two



Teahouse of the August Moon



The Good Doctor

Cherdyakov,  Kuryatin, a Sailor, and Kistonov,


Cactus Flower

Arturo Sanchez



Nazi Captain


A Touch of Spring

Victorio Spina


Side by Side by Sondheim



Towards Zero

Mathew Treeves


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Doc Baugh


My professional, directorial debut was "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" followed by "Fiddler on the Roof", for Theater Under the Stars, an outdoor, summer theater, which was run by the Parks and Recreation Department of Kansas City, MO

And that's the end of the 80s. Oh yes, there are loads more pictures and you're welcome to peruse at your leisure!

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