My sister, Gina, was primarily responsible for my earliest attempts at drawing. I recall an afternoon in a home we shared with every relative in the world on Emmons Avenue in Sheepshead Bay, NY, and at the time and my sister, who is four years older than I, was at the large dining room table sketching something or other. I thought I'd join in. I picked up a crayon and began to draw a lady in a dress. Unfortunately I drew the bra of the dress as two big Us, so it appeared as if the poor dear's tits were hanging out of her dress.


My sister laughed hysterically. (Love ya, kiddo!) I just didn't get what was so funny. Hey, I was only six! Her laughter made me so mad, I remember...

(No, I won't say it! She might read this page and we wouldn't want to make waves!)

In any case, I continued my efforts throughout school and beyond with no formal training. I wasn't as creative as I was technically capable. I could draw what I saw, but I lacked bravado to use my imagination's eye. That matured as I did.


I was a whole lot younger when I drew this.


(I added my beard and more lines to a younger version of myself.)


My life partner, Drew and I, began our pet family in 1970.


MICKEY'S LITTLE NIKI                  &               DREW'S DEER BAMBI

(Chihuahua)                                                     (Miniature Pinscher)







Shirley McClain's young brother, a long time heart throb who seemed to stay eternally handsome.

Christmas Bear



Knight Rider





I drew this at the end of March, 2014, during a few rehearsals for the DT Productions show of "Where the Holidays Go: The Musical", in which I played Santa Claus.



"Y' know, I think 70% of me was born gay and I just got sucked into the other 30%


Hi Carol! Oh yeah... Your brother came over just like you asked him to and I'm glad I got to meet him.

We're having a great time together.


Fairy Dragon

"I're not quite sure which one, if either or both, of us is gay, are you?

I love it!"


Yes, ...even back then!


Would you mind keeping him for a day?

My mother's coming over and I don't need old Jake, here, screaming, "Oh, God! I'm cumming again!"


"I'm sure I saw the remote on the sofa."

"Maybe it fell under a cushion! Mmmmm...just keep looking!"


They say you can tell a lot about a man by the size of his thumbs!


It's a new rule!




Oh, Girlfriend! I can't stand drag queens!

They're so effeminate!


Damn Gay conventions!


The last time I picked up a hitchhiker... I blew a rod after the first ten miles!


I don't suppose you feel you're trying a bit too hard?


On top of that...I forgot to lock my door at the bathhouse!


The very shoes Ronnie Reagan wore when auditioning for the part of Mildred Pierce.

(Joan Crawford won out.)


We're supposed to be a horse, not a camel...cut it out!


I didn't know we were betting on that race!


I called in sick last week and my boss said, 'When he gets sick, he has sex with his wife. I should try that.'

I called him back about three hours later and told him, "You were right! It worked and I feel better! the way, you have a nice house!"


I got expelled from school on pajama day....But itís not my fault I sleep naked.












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April 9th, 1936 - September 30th, 1989





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